10-Day Sacred Plant
Medicine Retreat

May 26th - June 4th, 2019


Come and retreat amidst the sacred and experience the mystical healing energies of the Amazon Rainforest and its powerfully healing medicine traditions with two masterful and well respected Shamanic Healers, at our beautiful retreat center in Portugal.

The Sanctuary is surrounded by the powerful nature of the Serra de Estrela, star gazing at night is a must to do. Close to the river and in the midst of the forest we have the perfect surrounding to deepen our connection to all elements and to our own sacred centre.

This spiritual plant healing retreat is designed to offer all participants the invaluable opportunity to take a step back from their daily life, to sensitize oneself to their current state, in order to identify the origins of suffering in all of its forms, release tension and negativity from the mental and emotional bodies, illuminating one's path, and restoring spiritual vision, heightening intuition, bringing a life of health, creativity and purposeful contribution to the forefront.

Over the course of 10 days, we will be offering a series of four Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies, guided by Brown Koroskenyi & Pamela Lyness.
Saskia Schreiber will be guiding through three Movement Sessions for grounding, re-connecting and integration.

On this retreat, one can expect to be compassionately supported and masterfully guided through a variety of sacred cleansing rituals, initiatory experiences, to help purify the body and mind. We deepen our connection to spirit through work with the Master Plant Medicines of the Amazon.


This is a sacred offering that gives one teachings directly from your own spirit, the earth, and all of your relations.

We are here to help facilitate profound healing through the power of this connection.


Retreat fee per person

  • Basic Tent: one double bed, sleeps up to two persons – 1.825 EUR

  • Luxury Bell Tents: one double bed, sleeps 1 person – 2.010 EUR

  • Safari Tent: two double beds, sleeps up to 4 persons – 2.365 EUR

  • Safari Tent Deluxe: two double beds, sleeps up to 4 persons – 2.455 EUR


Retreat fees include the following offerings

  • Four Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies, with one-to-one In-Ceremony Healing Sessions

  • Therapeutic Plant/Flower Baths

  • Additional Cleansing Medicines to help facilitate purification and deep connection

  • Ritual offerings to the Ancestors and Land-Spirits

  • Integration Sharing Circles

  • Three Movement Sessions for grounding, re-connecting and integration (led by Saskia)

  • One-to-one spiritual counseling and emotional support

  • Delicious, fresh foods served daily

  • Comfortable lodging (9 nights)

Signing In

Prior to signing in for the retreat, please fill in our medical form.
After we have received your form, we will get back to you.

Thank you for your time, honesty and willingness to share yourself with us. We appreciate it and hold you with love and appreciation in our hearts.

For any further question please contact us at info@saskiaschreiber.com
Saskia is happy to support translation into German, if necessary.



I came to the medicine to defeat this fear and anxiety which has gripped and controlled my whole life. I was granted this freedom and so much more. I feel overall that I have grown more in love, mind and spirit, understanding and connection in the last two weeks, than I have at any other point in my 35 years of life. I know I still have a long way to go, but I’m proud to say that I now feel confident in my path and my ability to shine. My gratitude for Pam, Brown, Celia, the icaros & the medicines they provided is infinite!
— Dr Gwen Lander 2018 (Psychologist)
I have practiced meditation for 24 years, & am astounded by the rapid positive shifts in psychological & physical tendencies following just one ceremony with Brown. At one month after ceremony, the bonds of negative mental & physical habits are loosened, my body is enlivened & responsive to which foods I need & should avoid, & my attraction to certain sights & smells has been refined to align with lighter more spacious sensibilities. The ceremony itself was an arduous experience, & Brown’s heart-centered presence was a beautiful compliment to the rigors of purification. I have been truly moved by his skill & generosity as a guide & healer, & touched by the compassion that radiates through him.
— Sarah Nokes Psychologist 2018