Relax into being

February 16th - 23th, 2019

@Blue Spirit, Costa Rica


Take time this winter to listen deeply to the secret language of this mysterious event called You: sensing and feeling, opening and closing, weight shifting, shape shifting, melting into now. In the sweetness of the tropical air, caress of a warm ocean, soulful community – allow your heart to rest.


Are you longing to relax
– yourself, with others, and into the great mystery that we also are


All this happens at the magical Blue Spirit Retreat Center, directly located at the Pacific Ocean, a true blue zone.


Move and be moved

Dance, deep yoga, inner inquiry, and meditation sessions will be offered each day on a spacious schedule. Together we will create a safe space to move and be moved, speak from the heart, laugh from the belly, and – last but not least – take frequent naps.

When not napping, you can walk the whole three miles of the gorgeous undeveloped white sand beach, kayak on the river, stand up and paddle, surf, take relaxation classes with the monkeys, receive a world class massage, snack at the health bar, or just hang out by the saltwater pool and stare into space.

All of the above entirely optional – and we mean it.


Overview room categories and pricing

    $ 1,715 single occupancy

    $ 1,750 shared, $ 2,050 single

    $ 1,965 shared, $ 2,250 single

    $ 2,200 shared, $ 2,700 single

    $ 2,250 shared, $ 2,825 single

    $ 2,350 shared, $ 2,950 single

All prices per week per person with all meals and tuition.

Email us for questions, further information and registration.
We are happy to send you the registration form via email upon your request. Thank you!

We are looking forward to be moving with you in paradise.




Zuza & Scott Engler with Saskia Schreiber


Zuza Engler

Zuza Engler, teacher of Soul Motion and somatic inquiry, has taught movement, somatics, and awareness practices to groups and individuals since 1993. During her life-long kinesthetic investigation into consciousness she has trained in Buddhist meditation, psychospiritual inquiry, and movement practices ranging from yoga to expressive dance. Learn more here.

Scott Engler

Scott Engler, long-time student of presence and the nature of healing, practices Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, teaches Soul Motion and holds a second degree black belt in Aikido.
He has offered sessions in somatics since living at Esalen Institute in the 1990’s where he also taught in the movement arts program.


Saskia Schreiber

Saskia Schreiber is a certified Soul Motion teacher, creative dance therapist, yoga instructor, mind body therapist and world traveler. She lives in Northern Germany and holds a private practice for somatic awareness and psychotherapy. Saskia is leader and organizer of international Healing Arts retreats in Europe and Latin America.

During this retreat Saskia will be teaching yin yoga, somatic & breath awareness and gives you enough time to sense, feel and expand into all directions. Yin Yoga taught in the language of Soul Motion offers you a deep spectrum of experiencing the interconnectedness of the landscapes of Dance Intimate and Dance Infinite. There is room for you and for the meeting between you and the Mystery- while relaxing in the pose and listening to the beauty of the surrounding jungle. YUM!



Soul Motion Retreat "Relax into being" 2017

from Robert Vente


We create a safe space to move,
be moved
and speak from the heart.


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