Soul Motion™



Soul Motion™ as a movement and dance meditation is an invitation to let our bodies find their own prayers.
We foster a deeper listening to the gentle voices of our body and heart, to practice following their leads. In ever-wider circles, spirals and shapes, in different rhythms and qualities, we are inspired by music from all genres and the quiet song of silence – to move and be moved. We move through the empty spaces of our community, either in our solo dance, in the communion with one other or with everyone. Every dancer is invited to begin deep within her-/himself and from there connecting outwards to the space that surrounds us.

Dance and movement are the ancient medicine for connection: to our soulful essence, to our body as our temple, to people of our community as our mirror, support and reminder of the practice of loving kindness, and to Nature: the one holding our experience of aliveness.

Returning home


Dance is a practice of stripping away our layers of struggles, protection, confusion, awkwardness, and regulations. We open to an unknown place of softness, vulnerability and expansiveness. Here we are ready to receive the sensation of loving kindness, we tap into a soft and silent place of awe and lift up our hearts. We move away from pretending and resisting into authenticity with a present heart.

Soul Motion is a spiritual practice of intimacy with ourselves, with each other, with all others and with life – an invitation to free ourselves from numbness into presence, from a conditioned self into a creative loving being, from being a slave to be yourself.



Ich hätte nie geglaubt, dass mich das Tanzen einmal so nah an meine Seele schwingen lässt. Ich brauche jedes Mal neuen Mut, mich der Musik hinzugeben und mir ganz nah sein zu können. Ich gehe immer ein Stückchen mehr ins Loslassen und mein Seelentor öffnet sich mit.
Jedes Mal fühlt es sich anders an: Einmal möchten alle meine Verletzungen nach oben tanzen, raus aus dem Verborgenen, Aufmerksamkeit bekommen und von der Musik geheilt werden. Es ist jedes Mal ein bisschen mehr nach Hause kommen, ein bisschen mehr Sein, ein bisschen mehr Frau-Sein.
Manchmal fühlt es sich an, als würde der Ozean in mir all den Müll nach oben spülen, ihn an den Strand spülen, damit ich hinschaue und sehe, was ich nicht mehr brauche. Dann sehe ich all das Wunderbare, was auf mich wartet. Manchmal schwingt meine Seele mit den Rhythmen und fühlt sich umarmt, geborgen, verstanden, gesehen und eingeladen, auch der Liebe und dem inneren Frieden Raum zu geben.
Manchmal spüre ich deine Hand, Saskia, und höre deine Worte „Komm trau dich, du bist mutig!“.
Unglaublich was sich in mir bewegt, seitdem ich mit dir und den anderen lieben Menschen in unserer Gemeinschaft auf Reisen bin. Herzlichen Dank für dein Sein.
— Brigitte S.
Start close in,
don’t take the second step or the third,
start with the first thing close in,
the step you don’t want to take.
— David Whyte

Elements of a Soul Motion™ class


We bring our attention to ourself by either resting, relaxing or moving. At this moment we gently and naturally connect with the need of our body and we let our heart speak. We begin to open ourselves to the gentle voice of our body and follow its impulses through shapes, different rhythms and the expansion into space.


An inquiry could be for example to track the movement of the breathing in our bodies, to explore the dynamics of closeness and distance in the dance with another dancer or to explore shapes of opening and closing.

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We move through four relational landscapes:

We renew our relationship with our body as a shifting shape in space.

We lift our gaze to open our attention outwardly. Inspired by interior impulses, sensations, and images, the dancer begins to relate and communicate with one other.

We have an open gaze as we begin to move in ever widening circles, receiving and transmitting information and inspiration to the larger dance happening all around us.

Dancing beyond. What happens in the dance room is a template for the everyday dance in the living world. We move out from the dance room, sensing our environment more clearly, communicating with others with enhanced perception, and relaxing more readily with the challenges and obstacles that may occur before us.

Open dance exploration

As Soul Motion is a practice of listening to the space “in-between”, we want to explore all parts of ourselves beyond the limitations we put on our creativity, possibilities and opportunities.
Here we allow the gentle touch of inspiration to give shape to our inner voices.
We give space to what and who we are: the wild, the gentle, the joyful, the vulnerable, the seeker and the founder – the connecting part of humanity.


We pause, reorient and rest before returning into our everyday dance. Here we listen to shifts, changes, new insights and gained perspectives. We listen to what our attention needs, to loving kindness and further exploration.
Moving from the heart allows the heart to speak its gentle and authentic voice. We give space to what needs to find a voice and we make space for what needs to be held in silence.  

May there be kindness in your gaze when you look within
May you never place walls between the light and yourself
May your angel free from the prisons of guilt, dear, disappointment and despair
May you allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you, mind you and embrace you in belonging.
— John O`Donohou

A few important guidelines for creating a mindful & attentive common space:

Prior to entering the space:

We come at least 10 minutes earlier, as we start on time.
We change into comfortable moving clothes.
We don´t bring our cell phones into the dance space.
We enter the space either barefoot or with dancing shoes.

When entering the space:

We dive into a welcoming silence and allow our bodies to speak.

When sharing:

We listen and speak to each other from our hearts.
We only speak from the "I," refrain from cross talking, and only speak from our experience.
We don’t discuss or judge someone else’s experience.
This gives us a secure space to move and to tell our truth.

What to wear and bring:

Comfortable dance clothes
Water/Tee in reclosable bottles
Blanket (optional, when getting cold easily - for sitting or lying on the floor)

Who can participate:

Everybody who likes to move and dance - no previous knowledge is required.
We invite everybody, who is willing to embarque on a journey to a present and authentic heart –
a journey back to our soulful essence.


Teaching language

Workshops & Retreats: Unterrichtssprache deutsch

International workshops & retreats: teaching language both, English and German